The Journey

Guy Armstrong has been passionate about practical work and creativity from an early age. When he was 16 he founded Lumi Arts, an Aluminium Recycling enterprise in Kenya which melted down and recycled old engines into attractive practical home d├ęcor.

He studied Design for Industry at Northumbria University. There he received an Excellence in Design award for his major project, Bebaridi; An innovative solar cooling solution enabling off grid dairy farmers in Africa without electricity to produce more from their land and reduce milk wastage.

For 3 years he worked with partner companies Studio Vertigo and FullblOwn Metals where he worked on the whole design process form ideation to packaging. Most of the projects involved creating bespoke large sculptures and light works to be hired out to festivals and high end clients. He is passionate about creating large custom 3D objects and spaces for people to interact and engage with.

In 2021 he worked for Circular plastics who had just created a new 3D printing filament from recycled bottles. He designed, prototyped, and tested four 3D printable designs help people in developing African countries. His products gained him a prestigious IDEA second place position in 2021.

IDEA Finalist

Where we are now

Guy set up Gaia Catalyst to provide professional design services in Kenya and remotely around the world. Gaia Catalysts aim is to connect our clients with the best, most appropriate design service for the job.

We offer a wide range of services from product design, architectural work, graphic design and more. We believe in building a large network of freelancers and design specialists which we collaborate with. Because of this we welcome any design challenge with the knowledge that we can collaborate with the right people to get the job done if needed.